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Keeping Things Natural

It's always nice to stay close to nature. Sitting under a tree and reading a book just makes you feel so relaxed. Gardening is also really natural and satisfying. But what about your health? It can be nice to take a more natural approach to healthcare, too. If that is something you are interested in, then you've come to the right place. Acupuncture. Massage therapy. Herbal medicine. We discuss all of these topics, along with other natural health care topics, here on this blog. We invite you to include our articles as a part of your own journey towards better health.


Can You Learn Reiki Online, Especially The More Advanced Forms?

1 April 2022
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Online learning became the norm for many students over the past couple of years. While online classes are not new, the pandemic forced many other types of non-academic schools to take classes that they were used to presenting in person and put those online. That's had a tremendous effect; subjects like Reiki are now available to those who don't even live in the same area as the school. But as healing modalities like Reiki evolve and produce more advanced classes, can those be learned online as well? Read More …

What Is Holistic Wellness?

25 March 2022
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If you have a chronic health problem, you probably go to a lot of doctors and do whatever you can to try to be as healthy as you can. Part of the problem is that each specialist is focused on their particular specialty and so the various parts of your illness are getting treated individually instead of you being treated as a whole being. Among other things, that can mean that your treatments can affect each other in unforeseen ways and can give you issues. Read More …

How To Use CBD If You’re Nauseous

21 March 2022
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CBD is a chemical substance that comes from both hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike its psychoactive relative THC, it carries no 'high' and will leave you feeling like yourself, but better. If you're struggling with nausea and looking to CBD for potential relief, there are a lot of ways to take it and it can be confusing to get started. Here's what you should consider for the most potent aid CBD can give. Read More …

Choosing CBD Gummies: Tips For First-Time Users

8 March 2022
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CBD gummies, it seems, are everywhere. This only makes sense, being that CBD can be used for so many different purposes. If you're about to buy and use CBD gummies for the first time, however, their abundance may make it tough to make a selection. How do you know which ones to buy? Here are a few guidelines to follow your first time buying CBD gummies. Look For a Full-Spectrum Product Read More …

Questions People Often Have Before Their First Reiki Session

22 February 2022
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If you've decided reiki healing is right for you, then perhaps you've scheduled and are waiting for your first appointment. As you wait, chances are, you're pondering the treatment and coming up with questions about it in your mind. The more you know about reiki, the more comfortable and confident you can feel during your first session. So, take a look at these FAQs and answers about reiki healing. What should you wear to your reiki session? Read More …