Solving Common CBD Tincture Problems

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Solving Common CBD Tincture Problems

8 June 2022
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CBD tincture is essentially a solution of CBD suspended in alcohol. There are a lot of benefits associated with this particular CBD product. You only need a small amount, which means the tincture can come in a small bottle. The tincture is readily absorbed beneath your tongue, so it takes action quickly. In spite of these benefits, however, some people do run into minor problems when using a CBD tincture. Luckily, these problems are easy to address. Learn how to address the most common CBD tincture problems below.

You don't like the taste of the tincture.

CBD tincture is not usually the tastiest thing. It tastes like high-proof alcohol with some hemp flavor—because that's essentially what it is. Many people get used to this flavor and aren't overly bothered by it. But if the flavor makes you gag or you can't see yourself getting past it, you may instead want to try a flavored CBD tincture. The flavoring won't completely mask the alcohol flavor, but it can make it less intense. Citrus flavors, like orange and lemon, tend to mask the flavor the best.

The tincture is not working quickly enough.

Fast action is a key reason people use CBD tincture, so what if you still feel like the tincture is taking a half hour or more to kick in? There are a few things you can try. First, make sure you are actually placing the CBD tincture under your tongue and holding it there rather than swallowing it right away. If you find yourself tempted to swallow too soon, set a timer for a minute, and don't swallow until it rings.

Also, try increasing your dose a little. For example, you might try 8 drops instead of 6. Everyone needs a different dose of CBD, and if it's not kicking in quickly, it could be because you're not using enough.

The tincture is evaporating. 

Since tincture is mostly alcohol, sometimes it may evaporate out of the bottle if you don't keep the bottle tightly sealed. Don't worry—the CBD itself won't evaporate, so you can just add a little more high-proof alcohol to the bottle to dilute it back down. However, the better approach is to prevent evaporation in the first place. You can accomplish this by always closing the bottle as soon as possible after taking the tincture. Make sure the lid is screwed on really tightly.

As you can see, these CBD tincture problems are easily addressed. Don't let a little snafu keep you from enjoying the benefits of CBD tincture.

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