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It's always nice to stay close to nature. Sitting under a tree and reading a book just makes you feel so relaxed. Gardening is also really natural and satisfying. But what about your health? It can be nice to take a more natural approach to healthcare, too. If that is something you are interested in, then you've come to the right place. Acupuncture. Massage therapy. Herbal medicine. We discuss all of these topics, along with other natural health care topics, here on this blog. We invite you to include our articles as a part of your own journey towards better health.


Learn More About Animal Acupuncture

14 July 2021
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Acupuncture is a healing practice with a history that dates as far back as to the stone age when people would use tools and stones with sharp edges to puncture abscesses so they could drain. It may have also been used for other health-related purposes. Today, acupuncture is a popular practice in many cultures, and the practice has grown to include the animal kingdom. Pets are taken to receive animal acupuncture for a variety of reasons. Read More …

Choosing CBD Flower Strains to Match Your Needs

12 July 2021
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Because CBD products have recently started to become more popular, hemp flower is starting to be developed with different properties and different amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) in them. However, the THC level must still remain below the .3% threshold in the United States to be legal. Growers are finding new ways to affect the amount of CBD so they can offer different kinds of relief or effects for people using it. Read More …

Getting The Most Out Of Your Orange Punch Cannabis

9 July 2021
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Every strain of cannabis is a little different, so it can be helpful to know a bit about the strain you have purchased, as this will allow you to use and enjoy it in ways that bring out its best properties. Orange punch is a cannabis strain that has become quite popular lately. If you pick some up at your local dispensary, here are some tips to help you get the most out of it. Read More …

Signs Delta 8 Gummies May Be Right for You

28 June 2021
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With the cannabis market continuing to expand, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new products appearing on shelves. One you might be seeing more often lately is delta 8 gummies. Delta 8 is another cannabinoid, similar to CBD or THC. In fact, it's another form of THC. The THC you usually hear about is delta 9 THC, but delta 8 THC is appearing more and more. Like all other cannabinoids, delta 8 can be really helpful for some people, but it's not necessarily for everyone. Read More …

Choosing Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies

28 June 2021
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If you want to experience the effects of CBD to the fullest, then full-spectrum CBD gummies are a wise choice. The other cannabinoids in these gummies work collaboratively with CBD to enhance its effects. But even as you narrow down your preference to full-spectrum gummies, you're bound to realize that there are tons of gummies out there. How do you go about choosing one product? Here are some key things to consider. Read More …