Making The Change From CBD To Delta-8 Gummies

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Making The Change From CBD To Delta-8 Gummies

15 July 2021
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If you have been using CBD gummies and other hemp products for a while, you might have noticed a new type of product popping up on the market lately. Delta-8 gummies seem to be everywhere, and a lot of people who have been using CBD gummies are switching over to delta-8. Indeed, delta-8 does have a stronger psychoactive effect than CBD. It may work better if you've been using your cannabinoids to help you sleep, to ease anxiety, or to help manage PTSD. However, there are a few tips you will want to follow as you make the switch.

Start with a 5 mg dose.

When you started taking CBD gummies, you probably spent some time experimenting with your dose and figuring out how much you needed to use. Well, your body reacts differently to delta-8 than it does to CBD. So, you don't just want to take the same dose of delta-8 as you were taking of CBD. If you were to do this, you might find that you feel too relaxed and you may even experience some unpleasant side effects like paranoia. When you switch to delta-8 gummies, you need to recalibrate your dose all over again. Start with one 5 mg gummy. If that's not enough, the next time, you can try 10 mg of delta-8. If that's not enough, try 15 mg. Most people don't need more than 15 mg, but a few do.

Stay home the first time you use delta-8.

Delta-8 is psychoactive. It will affect you mentally more than CBD. Now, this can be a good thing, but it also makes it risky to operate machinery and drive while you're using delta-8. Plus, you probably don't want to be out in public until you know how delta-8 makes you feel. Stay home the first time you try delta-8 gummies, and maybe even until you figure out what dose you need.

Pay attention to how long it lasts.

The effects of delta-8 can last anywhere from about 2 to 8 hours, depending on the person. So, the first few times you use delta-8 gummies, keep track of how long the effects last. Track this for four or five uses, and a pattern should emerge. Then, you'll know how long your dose of delta-8 gummies will work for you.

Switching over to delta-8 gummies can be really helpful. Just make sure you follow the tips above as you do so.