Choosing CBD Flower Strains to Match Your Needs

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Choosing CBD Flower Strains to Match Your Needs

12 July 2021
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Because CBD products have recently started to become more popular, hemp flower is starting to be developed with different properties and different amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) in them. However, the THC level must still remain below the .3% threshold in the United States to be legal. Growers are finding new ways to affect the amount of CBD so they can offer different kinds of relief or effects for people using it.  

Considering Strains

If you are thinking about trying Hemp flower as a source for CBD, you should probably start with a not overly pungent strain and is a medium-level CBD strain. The flower is smoked like tobacco or marijuana, and many of the strains offer flavor profiles, so you can pick one to try. 

Acid rock hemp flower, for instance, has a high CBD content and a harsh flavor, with undertones of moss, metallics, and even gasoline, according to producers. These products are not in the flower, but the flavors are a result of the burning flower. It is considered a good mood lifter and energy-boosting strain, so it may be perfect for someone that needs a lift to get moving. 

It would not be a good option for some people, but there are nighttime strains to help you sleep, mild strains for daytime use that help to calm and destress you, and many strains that have enjoyable flavors if you are someone who likes a good smoke. All of these hemp flower strains remain under the legal limit for THC, so you can use them legally and get the effect of the CBD without the high that comes with marijuana. 

Buying Hemp Flower

Finding a place to get acid rock hemp flower or any other type of strain that you want to try can be challenging, but many vendors offer varying strains online that you can order, and they will ship them to your door. Most of these vendors provide the flower loose-leaf for people who want to use a pipe or roll their own CBD joint with it. They can also offer a prerolled flower that you can take out of the package and smoke right away. 

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, the dispensaries and shops that sell it may also sell CBD hemp flowers. They can walk you through the different strains and help you decide what is the best one for you. It is essential to understand that smoking any CBD hemp flower strain should be something done with caution. If you are new to this method of CBD use, start slow and with a low to medium CBD level to see if you tolerate it or enjoy taking in CBD this way.