CBD And Stress: 3 Common Questions

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CBD And Stress: 3 Common Questions

17 November 2022
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Stress is a big problem for a lot of people. Sometimes, between work obligations and family obligations, you start to feel overwhelmed. While you will ultimately want to work towards a lifestyle that causes less stress, you can also take mitigating steps to control your stress and your reaction to it in the meantime. One of those steps can be using CBD, a hemp-derived substance that is known for its stress-reducing properties. Here are three common questions people have about using CBD to manage stress.

How does CBD relieve stress?

CBD binds to certain receptors in the brain and nervous system. When it bonds, it alters the way those nerves react to various stimuli. Most people feel more relaxed overall as a result of CBD binding to these nerve receptors. You should find that situations and events that would normally stress you out have less of an effect. 

What is the best CBD product to take for stress?

This really depends on your preferences. Some people really like using oral CBD products because they are convenient and last a bit longer. Other people prefer to use CBD vape products because they are fast-acting and convenient. It's a good idea to try a few different CBD products and see what you do and do not like. Many companies offer small packages and samples of various products so you can try them out before committing to a large package.

How often do you need to take CBD for stress?

Different people react to CBD differently. One dose might last you three hours, while it lasts someone else six hours. Oral CBD products do tend to last longer than vaporized CBD products. 

The first time you take CBD for stress, take notes every hour or half hour. Note your stress levels at each point. When you notice your stress levels starting to climb again, then it's time for another dose. Note how long that took, and then next time, dose at that frequency. For instance, if you notice your stress levels start to climb again after five hours, then you probably need to use CBD every five hours.

CBD tends to be an effective, safe remedy for stress. Pick up some tincture, gummies, or CBD vape products so you can give them a try. After taking CBD a few times, you will have a sense of how well it works for you and how you feel when taking it.

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