Can You Learn Reiki Online, Especially The More Advanced Forms?

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Can You Learn Reiki Online, Especially The More Advanced Forms?

1 April 2022
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Online learning became the norm for many students over the past couple of years. While online classes are not new, the pandemic forced many other types of non-academic schools to take classes that they were used to presenting in person and put those online. That's had a tremendous effect; subjects like Reiki are now available to those who don't even live in the same area as the school. But as healing modalities like Reiki evolve and produce more advanced classes, can those be learned online as well?

Reiki Doesn't Have to Involve Touch

If you're new to Reiki, you need to learn now that Reiki doesn't have to involve touch. While a typical Reiki session — and presumably practice sessions would be like this, too — does have the practitioner lightly touching the client's body, that's not required. If the client is not comfortable with being touched, you can still perform Reiki with your hands off the person's body. What does that have to do with online classes? If you don't need to touch the person to do Reiki, then you don't need to be in class in-person to learn Reiki.

The More Advanced Forms Require Current Reiki Mastery

You'd think that more advanced classes of Reiki, such as Karuna and Holy Fire, would require more attention. They do, but remember, you can't take those until you've been a Reiki master for a certain amount of time and have certain skills. So, you'd be taking those classes when you already have a good understanding of the system and how to use it. You won't need to be in-person to learn these classes of Reiki.

Reiki Can Be Performed Long Distance

There is such a thing as "distance Reiki," where Reiki is performed in one location for someone in another location. If someone can perform actual Reiki from a remote location, then there's no reason why you can't learn Reiki online. Much of the learning is about the symbols and concepts, which don't have to be done in person at all. As for learning how to do Reiki, the actual act of moving that energy, it's something you feel, not something everyone around you sees. As long as you have instructors who are available to answer questions and monitor what you are doing, you can learn Reiki online easily, even if the class focuses on these more intense forms and levels.

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