How To Use CBD If You're Nauseous

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How To Use CBD If You're Nauseous

21 March 2022
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CBD is a chemical substance that comes from both hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike its psychoactive relative THC, it carries no 'high' and will leave you feeling like yourself, but better. If you're struggling with nausea and looking to CBD for potential relief, there are a lot of ways to take it and it can be confusing to get started. Here's what you should consider for the most potent aid CBD can give. 


CBD oil is one of the best ways to take CBD for a variety of reasons. CBD oil tends to come in large quantities, measured as milligrams. This helps you to get a larger dose of CBD without inadvertently consuming THC, as you might from a vape or an edible.

CBD oil also has the advantage of getting into the bloodstream very quickly. While edibles can potentially take hours to take effect, depending upon your digestion, CBD oil doesn't need to be eaten or swallowed to help. This can also be a big help if nausea is making it difficult for you to swallow or keep anything down.

Under the Tongue

Once you've acquired CBD oil, how should you take it? While it's possible to mix it into things like beverages and foods, the most direct way to do it is to put a little under your tongue.

By placing the CBD oil under the tongue, it will be rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream. Each product is different in exact timing, but you should plan on holding it under your tongue for a while before you swallow. If you struggle to swallow it, you can spit it out after you've left it under your tongue. It may result in you getting a lower dose, but once the anti-nausea relief kicks in, you can always take more.

In the Cheek

For some people, even thinking about your tongue may make you feel more nauseated. In this situation, what you can do instead is to put it in your mouth, right against your inner cheek. The cheek contains mucus membranes that will help to absorb it into your bloodstream in a similar way to your tongue. Again, if swallowing it isn't possible, just spit it out after you've held it there for at least several seconds.

CBD is often praised for its anti-nausea benefits, among many other potential ways it can aid your health. If you're struggling with nausea and need a simple and quick way to get relief, consider trying CBD oil. 

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