Tips For Using Delta-8 Edibles For The First Time

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Tips For Using Delta-8 Edibles For The First Time

28 January 2022
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With the cannabis industry expanding, people are beginning to branch out from the best-known cannabinoids: CBD and THC. Previously lesser-known cannabinoids, such as delta-8, are starting to pop up on the market. Technically, delta-8 is a form of THC, but it is a different type of THC than the delta-9 THC you see used and sold more often. Many people find that using delta-8 is really beneficial for easing anxiety, stress, and insomnia. But there are a few tips you'll want to follow the first time you use delta-8 edibles.

Start with a single edible

Delta-8 edibles are generally formulated so that a single delta-8 edible is enough for people to feel an effect, but not enough to make anyone feel too high. Everyone processes delta-8 a little differently, and you may end up finding that you need more than one edible to get the effects you desire. However, the first time you take delta-8, you should always start with just a single edible. This gives you a chance to see how the delta-8 affects you and judge whether you need a little more without the risk of doing too much. Note that nothing terrible will happen if you do take too much, but you may feel very lazy, tired, and spaced out.

Spend time somewhere relaxing

Delta-8 is really good at helping you relax. However, it is most relaxing when you use it in a relaxing setting. If you use it when you have to get something important done, or when you're in a really loud environment, you may feel like you're fighting the effects of delta-8 too much. That's not what you want the first time around. So take delta-8 when you're at home, with time to spare, and with relaxing things to do. Consider watching TV or playing a board game with a friend.

Eat a little something with your edible

If you're eating a larger edible like a brownie or cookie, then you can probably eat it on its own. But if you're eating something smaller, like a CBD gummy or candy, you'll likely want to pair it with another snack. Choose something with a little fat in it. Fat helps increase the absorption of delta-8 through your digestive tract, so you'll feel its effects more.

If you struggle with anxiety, insomnia, or even just everyday stress, then delta-8 edibles may prove helpful. Follow the advice above the first time, and go from there.