Quick Tips For Effectively Using CBD Lotion

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Quick Tips For Effectively Using CBD Lotion

21 July 2021
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CBD lotion can be a real life-saver, whether you're struggling with muscle pain or a skin condition like eczema. However, you do need to remember that it's a medicated cream and use it accordingly. Here are some quick tips to follow when using CBD lotions.

Check what body parts the lotion is intended for.

Just as there are normal lotions intended for the body and others intended for the face, there are CBD lotions intended for the body and others for the face. It's not the CBD that is different; it's the other ingredients. A CBD lotion made for the body may have some ingredients that would clog the more sensitive pores on your face. And a moisturizer made for your face may not be rich enough to effectively moisturize your body. If you plan on using CBD lotion on both your face and your body, it's best to buy two products.

Pay attention to how much you use.

When you use normal lotion, you may just glob some on and rub it in. But when you're using CBD lotion, that lotion is providing your dose of CBD, so you need to pay attention to how much you use. If your lotion comes in a pump bottle, then keep track of whether you use a half pump or a full pump. If your CBD lotion comes in a jar, then you could use a quarter teaspoon from the kitchen to measure it out. Once you figure out how much you need to use for the desired effects, you can keep using that same amount every time. 

Adjust the amount of CBD you take orally.

If you use CBD orally for other problems, you may find that you can get away with taking less after you start using topical CBD. Some of the CBD you apply to your skin is absorbed through the skin and into your bloodstream, so it can be active elsewhere in your body. At first, try cutting your oral dose in half. If you're not quite getting the effects you are used to, then you can add a little more oral CBD back in. Remember to recalibrate your oral dose each time you adjust your topical dose.

CBD lotions provide a convenient way to use and benefit from CBD. With the tips above, you should be able to get the most benefits without wasting product or taking too much.