Using Magnetic Jewelry For Fibromyalgia Relief

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Using Magnetic Jewelry For Fibromyalgia Relief

20 July 2021
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Fibromyalgia pain can really get in your way. There are, of course, hundreds of different remedies and medications that you can use to control it, but none of them are effective 100% of the time for 100% of people. If you are struggling to find a fibromyalgia treatment that works to control your pain, then you may want to think about buying some magnetic jewelry. The magnets are thought to affect your nerves in a positive way, stopping them from sending so many excess and unwanted signals. Here are some tips for using magnetic jewelry for the relief of fibro pain.

Look for hematite.

A piece of jewelry made from hematite is often your best option for the relief of fibro pain. Not only is hematite magnetic, but it has become known for its other healing qualities over the years. It can help give the wearer strength and endurance, which are things you often need as you struggle with fibromyalgia. In the Eastern medical traditions, hematite is also said to balance the meridians in the body, creating a more stable equilibrium between the nervous system and the rest of your tissues. This can help further relieve the nerve pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Opt for a bracelet.

You can find hematite necklaces and even rings that are marketed for fibro pain. These are not bad choices, but if you can find a bracelet, that tends to be the best option. Your nerves and blood vessels are really close to the surface of your skin in your wrist. As such, the hematite in the bracelet may have a more pronounced and profound effect. If you do choose a bracelet and don't get quite enough relief from it, you can always add on a matching necklace or ring for another boost.

Consider including other crystals.

If you're going to be wearing a healing bracelet anyways, you might as well choose one that incorporates a few crystals or stones in addition to hematite. Amethyst is a good choice. Its purple color looks nice with the black-gray hematite, and it's said to help bring mental peace, which you often need as a fibro patient. Rose quartz, which has a pink color, also looks really nice and is said to help elevate your thoughts and protect your energy.

Fibro relief bracelets can be really helpful. Look for one made with hematite and perhaps another beneficial stone, and enjoy the relief you obtain. Contact a company like Magnet Rocks to learn more.