Choosing A Beginner's Meditation Book

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Choosing A Beginner's Meditation Book

30 November 2021
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Meditation has a long list of benefits, from reduced anxiety to improved mindfulness. However, learning to meditate can take some time. Many people turn to meditation manuals and books to guide them as beginners. But how do you go about selecting the right beginner's guide to meditation for you? Here are some tips.

Look for a book with specific exercises

Books on the benefits of meditation, specific types of meditation, and the theories behind meditation all have their place. But as a beginner, you really need a book that guides you through specific meditation exercises. Some books start off with one or two exercises that they have you repeat daily. Others have a different exercise you perform each day of the week in order to build and hone your meditation skills over time. Either setup is fine, as long as the book gives specific instructions for you to follow. It is much easier to learn to meditate through specific exercises than by learning a bunch of theories and trying to apply them on your own.

Choose a book that aligns with your goals

Think about why you want to begin meditating. Are you trying to gain greater mental peace? Maybe for you, it is all about physical health. Whatever your goals are, look for a meditation book that aligns with them. For instance, a book about meditation for anxiety reduction would be a good choice if you suffer from anxiety. If you are not clear on your goals or have multiple goals, there are plenty of more general beginners' meditation guides to choose from, but picking a specialized book is more ideal.

Pick a book with illustrations

Most people learn best when they incorporate at least some amount of visualization into their learning. This means that books with pictures tend to be a better choice when learning to meditate. You may find a book with basic pictures showing you specific poses or one with charts and graphs. Just having something to look at while you learn will help keep you focused and interested, which will make all the difference in your meditation practice.

A good book can help you learn to meditate faster and more efficiently. Don't rush in selecting a book, either. There are lots of beginners' meditation books out there, and it's okay to browse through a few before selecting the one you think will best suit your needs