A Simple Guide To Using CBD Facial Serum

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A Simple Guide To Using CBD Facial Serum

9 June 2021
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CBD is quite well known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits. It's becoming a more common ingredient in skincare products, with CBD lotions and serums popping up on the shelves of most pharmacies. Using a CBD serum is not difficult, but it can come with a bit of a learning curve. After reading this guide, though, you'll understand the ins and outs.

Consider serums that contain multiple ingredients.

What other active ingredients do you use as a part of your skincare routine? To reduce the number of products you have to apply, it's often convenient to buy a CBD serum that also contains one or more of the other active ingredients you already use. For example, if you also use hyaluronic acid on your skin, then look for CBD serum with hyaluronic acid. This way, you won't have to separately apply a hyaluronic acid product, which will save you time and probably also some money.

Apply the serum with upward strokes.

This is a good guideline to follow when applying any serum, but it's even more important with CBD serum. Applying the product with upward strokes helps reduce sagging and wrinkles, which is one of the key reasons to use CBD serum in the first place. Most people like to start at their neckline, and then stroke upward with their hands to blend the serum towards their cheeks and then towards their hairline. 

Apply the CBD serum first.

Your CBD serum should be the first product you apply after cleaning your skin. Serums are really lightweight and are meant to be absorbed into the skin quickly. If you were to apply it over a moisturizer or sunscreen, it may not be absorbed as effectively. Wait about five minutes for the CBD to absorb before applying anything else over your CBD serum.

Use your serum daily.

There are some skincare products that you can use a few days a week or every other day. But CBD serum is not really one of them. The effects are cumulative. In other words, applying the serum multiple days in a row will lead to a greater reduction in inflammation and other symptoms over time. You don't have to use a lot of CBD serum; a dime-sized amount should be enough for your whole face. You do, however, need to use the serum consistently.

CBD serum can really help improve your skin condition. With the guidelines above, you can be confident you are using it well. Contact a company like CannaBe Well Inc. to learn more.